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Barn Door Hardware For Styling Your Home Uniquely

by Layne Sparks on

Sliding barn doors have gained popularity in NZ because they’re both practical and stylish. Because sliding doors save space, they’re a great choice for smaller homes and for individuals who enjoy compact living rooms that are designed to make good use of their space. They’re easy to use, they look beautiful and they come in so many different looks. 

Additionally, you can even use hardware to make your particular doors and the space around them even more unique. Why settle for standard doors when you could spruce things up with new rustic handles or bold slides? 

Yes, there is so much you can do to make your home more unique and more ‘you.’ 

Why Choose Barn Doors?

So, why choose barn doors in the first place? One of the biggest benefits of these lovely doors is that they’re compact and easy to use. Sliding NZ barn doors, as their name implies, slide instead of swing open. So you never need to worry about knocking things over or making extra room for your doors to slide open. 

You can also choose barn doors that look as charming and rustic as their name makes them sound, or you could select barn doors that have a contemporary feel for a more chic aesthetic. Whatever you want, you can find it!

This New Barn Style Door has a lovely beige colour that goes well with nearly any other hue, making it a smart choice for any kind of home.

Some people will say that barn doors are simply a fad and that they won’t be popular in a few years. However, you shouldn’t listen to this when you’re looking for barn doors for your NZ home. If you love them, then you should get them - it’s your home! Barn doors are delightful additions to any home, shed, garage or more and do wonders for your interior design. They’ll certainly make any space more interesting. 

How To Style Your Lovely New Barn Doors

You don’t have to stop at installing your barn doors, either - you can make your home even better with barn door hardware and accessories! Pairing these charming goods with your barn doors or other home furnishings will definitely improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

What can you get? At Rummages, you can find the following (and a lot more!) in our online store:

Rustic Sliding Hardware. You can attach your sliding NZ barn doors to sliding hardware to make them move smoother and look better. This sliding hardware has a very rustic feeling to it and will go perfectly in any home with good interior design. 

Do you love rustic vibes? There’s a lot that you can do to make your home feel like a quaint country home, and installing new hardware is one of the best. You can find sliding hardware products in different colours, finishes and styles to better suit the rest of your home.

The design on this Black Rustic Carbon Steel Sliding Barn Door mechanism is very charming, and a very smart choice for anyone who enjoys a cosy rustic atmosphere.

Be sure you look through all of your options so that you can find the sliding hardware that suits you and your NZ barn doors perfectly!

These sliding hardware products aren’t just limited to barn doors, either. They can also be used with ladders for use in libraries and other spaces with hard-to-reach places. 

Cabinet Sliding Hardware. Barn doors aren’t just restricted to entranceways and displays - you can even get them for your cabinets! Cabinet sliding hardware allows you to use mini barn doors for your cabinets.

Mini barn doors have all of the advantages of standard barn doors, they’re just smaller. They’re easy to use, they save space and they look so nice.

This hardware for mini sliding barn doors allow you to add trendy sliding doors to your cabinets.

Door Handles. Really step up your game with gorgeous door handles that look wonderfully unique. Beautiful door handles with marvellous designs and quality materials are practical and appealing! 

You can find a large selection of delightful and elegant door handles at Rummages. Consider our rustic American water pipe push and pull door handles, which have a wonderful homey feeling. These are perfect if you want to lean into a rustic country home atmosphere.

Or, make your home feel like a beautiful courtyard with the European retro garden courtyard cast iron door handles. These door handles have intricate designs that are nice to look at and feel. You’ll certainly feel fancy when you use these door handles! 

As you can see, even something as straightforward as your choice of door handles can do so much. Find the handles that are right for you at Rummages.

Ready To Make Your Home More Unique? Visit Our Online Store Today

We welcome you to come and see our collection of barn doors and barn door products at Rummages. Our collection includes gorgeous NZ barn doors and everything you need to make your home look incredible.

Are you looking for anything in particular? Call us at (06) 370 3044 if you’d like some personal assistance; we’d be glad to help! 

Give your space a special atmosphere that’ll really make your house feel like a lovely home with Rummages!

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