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How To Decide What Type Of Vintage Door Knobs You Need

by Layne Sparks on

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It’s easy to forget how vital good door knobs are in your NZ home. But once you start thinking about them, you’ll realise how much you use them daily. Whenever you open or close a door or leave or enter your home, you use a door knob. 

Therefore, your choice of door knob is more important than most people think. You’ll be using your door knobs practically every day, so choose ones that are nice to touch and look lovely! 

Furthermore, consider choosing vintage-style door knobs. Vintage door knobs have a sense of charm and class that’s hard to beat. They’ll make your home even more interesting and homey than it already is. 

You'll be spoilt for choice when you look for lovely vintage NZ door knobs. How can you choose your perfect door knobs when you have so many options? Read on to learn useful tips that you can use when shopping for your door knobs.

What You Need To Look At When Selecting Your Beautiful Vintage Door Knobs

You have plenty of options when it comes to door knobs; where do you start? 

Colour. As with any new home addition, the colour of your choice will go a long way. Are you looking for a specific colour? What about patterns?

You’ve got a lot of gorgeous colours to choose from. Have a look at these beautiful Vintage Villa White Porcelain Door Knobs, which are classic white.

We often think of porcelain as white, but did you know that it can also be a stylish black hue? Look at this Black Porcelain Door Knob. Its deep, lovely colour is perfect for people who are looking for darker NZ door knobs.

How about a gorgeous antique brown? These Antique Brown Marble Porcelain Door Knobs have a reddish-brown colour that’s very stylish.

You can even find door knobs that have patterns or images on them. Gaze at these delightful Bouquet Of Roses Porcelain Door Knobs.

No matter what colour you prefer, you’re sure to find a marvellous vintage door knob that fits your needs.

Material Or Finish. You can find door knobs made of porcelain, metal, plastic and more. Do you have a preference? 

Porcelain is loved for its charming, classic vibes and smooth surface. Look at this elegant Vintage Black Porcelain Knob Door Handle with a gorgeous ornate plate.

Metallic door knobs are also very popular. They’re durable, smooth and very nice to look at. For example, see these Bungalow Door Knobs with door plates. These lovely door knobs are available in classic antique bronze, shiny polish brass, stylish antique brass and beautiful chrome.

Size. You’ll need new NZ door knobs that actually fit your door. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to measure your door before you purchase anything. Always check the dimensions of your new door knob by reading its description before you add it to your cart! 

For example, if you’re purchasing this elegant Vintage Door Knob With Ornate Door Plate, you can see that its dimensions are 65d x 60h in its description.

Measuring your door for a new door knob isn’t that difficult; you just need to know what to measure. You’ll want to measure the diameter of the bore hole (the hole that your door knob goes through) and the width of the door. You’ll also want to check the backset, which is the distance from the centre of the bore hole to the edge of the door, to make sure your new NZ door knobs fit correctly.

Remember to measure twice or thrice to ensure your measurements are accurate, and write them down so you don’t forget. 

Feel. Remember, you use your door knobs every day, so you’ll want ones that feel nice to touch. Make sure you’re choosing door knobs with a feel and texture that you’ll be happy touching whenever you need to use your doors. 

Porcelain is a good choice if you enjoy smooth, clean textures and classic door knob shapes. 

These Vintage Chrome Ball Door Knobs are round and are ideal for people who prefer their door knobs to be more spherical and easy to grab.

On the other hand, this Single Pressed Tin Antique Copper And Oval Handle option has a very unique feel due to its authentic texture and oval handle.

Where You Can Find Many Gorgeous Vintage Door Knobs And More!

Do any of the above-mentioned NZ door knobs look perfect for your home? If they do, you can get your own at Rummages! We also have many more door knobs for you to consider. You can look through our full selection of products on our website.

You can contact our team on (06) 370 3044 if you have any questions about our products. 

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