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What To Consider When Choosing Vintage Door Knobs

by Layne Sparks on

You never realise how important door knobs are until yours stops working! Door knobs keep our NZ homes safe and secure, they make it easy to travel through your rooms and they keep out others when they’re locked. Needless to say, they’re essential! You’ll want to be sure that all of the door knobs in your home are functional to maximise your household’s safety and comfort. 

Plus, fantastic door knobs can make your home look nicer and more refined. Lovely vintage door knobs have an authentic, timeless feel that standard door knobs simply cannot replicate. You can select vintage door knobs with colours, styles and finishes that match the rest of your home’s decor.

Once you start to shop for vintage door knobs, you’ll notice something immediately - there are so many to choose from! Finding the right knobs can be challenging, especially since you have many details to consider. 

Have a look at this Art Deco door knob with copper plating, it’s truly timeless!

Continue reading to learn about the key qualities you need to consider before ordering any new NZ door knobs. 

The Top Qualities To Think About When You’re Shopping For Door Knobs In New Zealand

Think about these things before you make any purchases so that you can find the best vintage door knobs for your home. If you neglect to think about certain things, you could make the wrong decision, and you might have to purchase additional goods to remedy your mistake.

What should you think about? 

Your Door’s Measurements. First things first - be sure you know your door’s measurements! A door knob that’s too large for your door’s borehole won’t be able to be placed in the door, and one that’s too small won’t fit right at all. You need to find NZ door knobs that are sized correctly for your door. 

To do this, you will need to measure your door’s borehole and backset. You can do this after you remove your door’s current knobs.

 The borehole is the hole in your door where the door knob will be installed. Measure the diameter of this hole and note the number down. The backset is the space between the edge of the borehole and the door’s edge, near to where the lock mechanism will interface with the wall the door is set in. Measure this space and note the number down. 

You are better prepared to find ideal replacement products now that you have that data. 

Getting A Lockset. Locksets allow you to lock your doors. These are absolutely vital for many NZ homes, especially when you’re purchasing vintage door knobs for doors that lead in or out of your home itself. They’re also useful for interior doors to give you and your family more privacy. 

There are various kinds of locksets, so choose one that suits your lifestyle. For example, some locksets require keys, and others lock using built-in mechanisms.

For example, this wonderful Mortice lock uses a key to lock or unlock the door it’s installed on.

You can also choose other options if you want to keep your doors even more secure. You can purchase bolts or latches for your door to give your home or rooms an extra layer of protection. Bolts and latches tend to be easier to install than door knobs because most of them just need to be attached to the door and the wall space next to the door.

You can also use lock sets on your cabinets, using classic goods like this Antique Cabinet/Wardrobe lock and key set. It’s affordable and charming!

The Material And Finish Of Your Door Knobs. Don’t forget about looks! Choose gorgeous NZ door knobs with colours, materials and finishes that look nice with your doors and the rest of your homes. Vintage door knobs come in so many unique looks, so you should have no problem finding something you love. These products can come in all sorts of different colours, so you can have fun looking for nice door knobs that suit your style. 

Remember that the look of your new products shouldn’t be the top quality you’re looking for because while aesthetics are important, they’re not the most important factor. Still, take the time to think about what look you want your new door knobs to have.

Take a look at this delightful Bouquet Of Roses Porcelain door knob, the gorgeous colours and materials make it the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys vintage imagery.

The Overall Cost. Never forget to check the prices of all the products you are buying so that you don’t go over budget or accidentally choose items you cannot afford. While you should try to stay within your budget, please remember that higher-quality products will cost more than lower-quality ones, and you should always value quality over price if you can afford to. 

It’s very important to purchase your vintage door knobs from reputable sellers, like Rummages, who take very good care of their antique products.

Where Can You Find A Variety Of Gorgeous NZ Vintage Door Knobs?

You’ve thought about what you need in your replacement door knobs, but where can you find some? That’s easy - browse through our online store at Rummages! We have a wide variety of products, including vintage door knobs that are practical and beautiful.

We know that finding the perfect products for your home can be difficult, especially when you have so much to choose from. So, if you would like any assistance, please feel free to call our team at (06) 370 3044. We’d love to help! 

Make your home perfect; shop at Rummages!

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