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Creative Bathroom Basins to Inspire

by Layne Sparks on

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Your bathroom is a lovely place where you clean up, make yourself look nice and take care of yourself. So, every wonderful NZ bathroom deserves a wonderful bathroom basin. It may not seem like much when you first think about it, but an interesting basin can be a great centrepiece to your bathroom, and it can help you start off every day with something nice.

Consider getting a new wash basin if you want to change your bathroom.

What Should I Think About When Buying A Wash Basin In NZ?

There are plenty of different looks and styles to choose from when you are trying to get a great new wash basin for your bathroom. You have heaps of gorgeous colours, materials and designs to look at.

As you look at your available choices, think about:

  • What Materials You Want. Most wash basins are made of materials like porcelain, acrylic or glass.
  • What Colour You’d Like. Most people picture wash basins as white, but they can come in many colours. Do you want something more colourful?
  • What Would Match The Rest Of Your Bathroom. What would go best with the other fixtures and decor in your bathroom?
  • What Your Budget Is. Always set a realistic budget for yourself. It would be best if you allowed yourself to get something nice because you’ll use it for a long time.

What Kinds Of Bathroom Basins Can I Buy In NZ?

When you shop at a store like Rummages, where we have an incredibly wide range of different fixtures and products, you’ll be shocked to see the exceptional amount of goods you can purchase. Here, you can find everything from traditional porcelain wash basins to fantastically creative basins that’ll leave you in awe.

You can look at two main categories: modern wash basins and antique wash basins.

Some of our more creative and awe-inspiring basins are:

Bathroom Sink Set With Waterfall Tap. This wash basin is from our modern wash basin selection. Its beautiful dark colouration and creative patterning give it a chic, stylish feeling. This basin can truly make any bathroom feel more elegant simply by being in it.

The waterfall tap also has a luxurious aura to it. Rather than being a standard tap, this attractive feature causes the water to gently cascade into the basin like a small waterfall. Every hand washing with this bathroom basin is a captivating experience.

Kemaidi Au Blue Tempered Glass Oval Wash Basin. If you want to add some incredible colour to your bathroom, then this is the basin to choose. Its striking sapphire and cool cyan colouration invoke thoughts of sparkling oceans and luxurious gemstones.

This wash basin feels like it would be right at home in a luxury resort. It will be perfect for anyone who enjoys vibrant, eye-catching colours.

Rose Flower Ceramic Counter Top Wash Basin. This lovely basin has intricate flowers and designs decorating the interior and exterior of the basin. Although this is from our regular basin section, it almost feels like a well-kept antique. This charming ceramic sink is hand painted, making it even more unique.

What Can I Do To Make My New Bathroom Feature Better?

Once you have your beautiful new bathroom basin, you can make it even better through clever decoration and interior design techniques. Consider using decor, plants or other fixtures that complement your new basin’s appearance.

You can even purchase other appliances, products and fixtures from other sections of our store that go well with your new basin. Our bathroom section is filled with great products that could improve your bathroom.

Should I Buy Second Hand Furniture And Building Materials?

Buying second hand or recycled furniture and products is a fantastic alternative to buying new, freshly-made products. The benefits of second hand products can be advantageous to both you and the environment.

When you buy these bathroom basins, you can enjoy these facts:

  • It’s Better For NZ’s Environment. It takes materials, labour and time to create new products. Making these new products can cause emissions and further pollution to the planet. So, of course, if you buy something that was already created a while ago and are reusing it, you’re preventing more pollution.
  • It’s Often Cheaper. Buying second hand products is, more often than not, much cheaper than purchasing newly-made products. You can save some money while enjoying like-new quality.
  • You’re Giving An Item A Longer Life. Old products that aren’t bought will most likely be destroyed and wasted. If you buy them, you’re allowing that item to be used and enjoyed once again.

Where Can I Find Beautiful Recycled Furniture, Materials And Products In New Zealand?

Rummages is an excellent place to go for second hand products in New Zealand. Everything from our bathroom basins to our doors is high-quality and built to last.

Are you looking for anything specific? Please call our team at (06) 370 3044 if you have any questions that you’d like to ask us or if you’d like some assistance.

Make your home or construction project better with marvellous products from Rummages.

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