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5 Things You Want In A Shower Unit, 3 Things You Do Not

by Layne Sparks on

There’s something special about taking the time for a nice shower. Whether you’re freshening up for a new day or winding down after a long one, you can connect with your thoughts as you care for yourself. So, the type of shower heads and complete shower unit you use in your New Zealand home is important because they can make each shower a heavenly experience or a frustrating ordeal. 

There’s much more to purchasing a new shower than just picking the first thing you see. Plenty of different designs and qualities will affect your comfort, so you should always look at your options and research before selecting any shower head.

Take this luxurious Gold Brass Shower Set for example, its lustrous finish and incredible design will make you feel pampered every time you use it.

You can make your choice easier by thinking about what you need and looking at particular details. You don’t want to make a bad decision because then you’ll just have to go through all this again! Make the right choice the first time by learning how to be a smart shopper. 

We’ll lend you a hand by telling you about:

  • 5 Traits To Think About When Shopping For Shower Heads And Units.
  • 3 Things To Always Avoid In A Shower Unit.
  • Where You Can Easily Purchase A New Shower Set Right Now.

5 Things To Look For When Shopping For A Shower Unit

Many people don’t think about the specific traits of the shower they use every day until it’s time to have it replaced, so knowing where to start when looking for a new one can be very tricky. How do you start shopping for a new shower? Think about the following five essential traits:

Adjustability. Are you looking for an adjustable shower unit? Movable models allow you to adjust the position of your shower’s head, arm or faucet to improve your comfort or efficiency. Some models have a swivel joint on them to enable you to move the shower head as it’s mounted on the wall, and some models are handheld and allow you to remove them from a wall mount.

This timeless Antique Brass Wall Mount Shower Set has an adjustable height, allowing you to alter it to your liking.

Which type are you looking for? Many people prefer shower heads with good adjustability.

Good Materials. You need to find a shower set made of good, strong materials designed for use around water. Not every type of material does well when constantly exposed to water, so you’ll absolutely want a shower that’s well-designed and made with top-quality materials. Stainless steel and brass are two of the most popular choices.

Shower Head Type. There are plenty of different shower head types; which type are you looking for? Consider looking at all of your options to decide whether to go with what you’re used to or try something new. Rain shower heads tend to be gentler and more relaxing, whereas faster handheld models generally have a stronger flow rate - what’s more comfortable for you depends on your preferences.

You could also consider an innovative shower unit like this ORB Shower Set which has two shower heads - you can conveniently use the one you prefer most at the moment.

Water Usage. Naturally, you use a lot of water while you shower, but you should always do your best to reduce water usage and limit water waste. Well-designed models are often designed to restrict water usage as much as possible so that you still have a fulfilling experience without unnecessarily wasting water. 

Aesthetics. Although they don’t relate directly to practical usage, aesthetics are still extremely important! Treat yourself and look for a shower head that looks amazing. After all, you’ll be seeing it every day. Think about the rest of the decor and colours in your bathroom as you choose your new shower set.

Look at the elegant finish on this Luxury Rose Gold Solid Brass Wall-Mounted Faucet With Handheld Shower, it’s undeniably beautiful! The beautiful hue of rose gold and classy design of this shower unit would make anyone using it feel amazing. 

Things To Absolutely Avoid When Buying A Shower Unit

We’ve gone over the positive things to look for in a new shower, but what about the negatives? Avoid these negative traits:

Insufficient Flow Rate. We all have a preferred water pressure level when we shower. Some of us prefer the gentler sensation of a rain shower head, while others love flow rates so strong they feel like a massage. But, most would agree that flow rates that are too small are frustrating and only make showering an annoying experience. Avoid showers with flow rates that are too small for your liking. 

High Water Waste. As mentioned above, you’ll want a shower unit that’s designed for efficient usage. Avoid models that waste too much water.

Difficult Handling. Who wants a shower that’s frustrating to handle? Select a shower that you can easily handle whenever you need to. This way, your showers will be more pleasant. Avoid models that are confusing or frustrating to handle.

For an example of a shower unit with good usability, look at this brushed gold and black solid brass shower system. It has plenty of extremely useful features, such as two different types of shower heads including a handheld one, and is very easy to handle.

You’ll also want a shower head that’s easy to handle so that it’s easier to clean. Remember to routinely clean your shower head to avoid bacteria and mineral buildup.

Where To Get A Wonderful New Shower For Your New Zealand Home

Now that you know exactly what to look for when selecting a complete shower unit, it’s time to get to it! Come over to Rummage’s shower selection to browse through various beautiful and practical shower heads. We at Rummages are thrilled to bring you a large collection of useful household goods and products. 

Need some help? No worries, call us at (06) 370 3044 or visit our website to learn more.

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