Large Redwood Serving Bowl 10cm H x 54cm W

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Sequoia redwood trees are native to north America along the coast of California and          Oregon and are among the tallest trees in the world. Redwood timber is strong, durable       and light with the grain a rich red colour Because of this some of our bowls have natural irregularities, holes and bark inclusions which are left to add character and uniqueness.  It is sought after for panelling and many outdoor  uses such as fencing and furniture. It is excellent for turning into large bowls and platters.

This Serving Bowl would be Ideal as a fruit or serving bowl or would look great as an Art piece on your sideboard or table  Also make a great gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or Christmas.  Redwood is a very soft wood so care should be taken with this platter as it could mark and damage easily.

To clean your Bowl/Platter use warn soapy water to clean making sure you dry thoroughly afterwards. Then lightly oil with a food safe oil such as Coconut or Walnut and wipe dry.

Important: never put bowl/platter in the Microwave, Dishwasher or soak in water

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Large Redwood Serving Bowl 10cm H x 54cm W
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