40/50/75/85W Fish Pond Aquarium Water Pump With LED Submersible Fountain Pump

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Model of LED-3800FP: the mushroom spray range is around 50CM, and the sprinkler height is about 0.8 meters.
Type of LED-5800FP: the mushroom spray range is about 70CM, and the sprinkler height is about 1 meter.
Model of LED-7800FP: mushroom type spray range is about 80CM, spraying water spray height is about 1.2m.
Model of LED-9800FP: mushroom type water spray range is about 90CM, and spray water spraying height is about 1.3 meters.
Model of LED-10000FP: mushroom type water spraying range is about 1 meter, spray water spraying height is about 1.5 meters.
Suitable for water depth requirement: the depth requirement is between 20 and 50cm, the water level is too low, and the water level is too high.
Both mushrooms and sprinkler heads are available but 2 sprinkler heads can not be used at the same time and can be replaced.
With colorful lights, the power cord length is 4.8 meters. Water pump power cord length is 4.8 meters. 3800 fp. 5800 fp, 7800 fp, 9800 fp, without filtering capabilities that are 10000 fb!
Pwp-350fp fountain filter with colored lights (40W), flow: 3000L/H (with filter function)
The diameter of the mushroom is about 50CM in diameter and the sprinkler height is about 80CM.
Suggestion: 1 ton of water, small fish pond or household pool within 50 cm depth, suitable for family small fish pond to add ornamental!
Note: the fountain head is not very compact between the interfaces, and it can be installed with some film such as raw material belt or plastic wrap..


Important Note:

Safety precautions

1. Before the submersible pump works, check the voltage and frequency range shown in the submersible pump. Please do not.
Use voltages and frequencies other than specified.
2. Do not put submersible pumps in flammable and corrosive liquids. Only in fresh water and sea water.
3. The submersible pump must be safely immersed in the water when working, and should not be exposed to the water, otherwise it will be applied to the submersible pump.
Cause permanent damage.
4. The submersible pump should not work in water above 35C or below freezing point. Otherwise it would be diving.
Pump damage;
5. Please do not continue to use this pump to ensure the safety of the submersible pump.
6. When the water and land pump is used for water use, the pipe fittings should be tightly connected, and the air should be drained and drained.
Operational considerations
The submersible pump should be cut off before maintenance of the submersible pump.
2. Do not let the submersible pump idle or leave the surface for more than 5 minutes.
3. Do not lift the submersible pump directly with the power line, otherwise it may pull the power cord off;
4. The power cord should be cut off before removing the submersible pump from the water to ensure safety.
The maximum diving depth of submersible pump is 1M;
6. If additional sockets are required, the corresponding voltage and current power lines shall be used.

Brand Name: DCPET
Origin: CN(Origin)
Fixed Form: Sitting
Voltage: 220-240V
Power Source: AC Input
Material: Rubber
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Pump Cable Length: 220
Type: Fish pond LED submersible pump
Unit Type: Piece

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