Self-Warming Cat and Dog Bed Cushion for Medium large Dogs Sofa Bed(D177)

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Color: Pink Blue Gray Outer: Velvet Filler: Memory foam Detachable to easy clean. Hand/machine washable Perfect for pets young and old, the sofa-style orthopedic pet bed is designed to provide your loved one with maximum comfort for a good night’s rest. With a soft, faux-fleece sleeping surface your dog will be more snug than a bug in a rug on his oh-so-cozy sofa dog bed! The cuddly bolstered design is perfect for kitties as well, making the comfiest of cat beds. The Orthopedic foam base supports your pet’s joints and pressure points making this pet bed ideal for arthritic pets who have trouble getting comfortable.

They’ll love this soft Sofa bed ,but supportive feel provided on three sides giving them a variety of cozy positions to snuggle into. The bolsters are a great pillow for your pet to lie their head on or, for pets that like to cozy into your couch, they can snuggle close to the sides for a sense of security and warmth. With the feel of a couch, your pet will love having their own space to curl into while you’ll love having your favorite spot on the couch back! No more unwanted pet fur and scratches on your furniture. It’s great for older pets who may be unable to jump on the couch and have had to lie on the floor. The sofa-style orthopedic pet bed provides the comfort of a couch without the struggle of getting up there!

Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
Type: Dogs
Material: Outer: Velvet Filler: Memory foam
Pattern: Solid
Weight: 1kg

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