American Kitchen Hardware Barn Door Hardware White Door Hanging Rail Track

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Ever wanted that special barn style look but all your decor is in white, well now you can.

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1.Hanging wheel: thickness 6 mm, width 40 mm hole distance 90 mm, length 290 mm, single wheel with 2 M10*60 screws 2. Carbon steel track: carbon steel material, fine sand spray, thickness 6 mm, width 40mm 3. Self-tapping screws: M8*100 (ie diameter 8nnun, length 100mm), electrophoresis 4. Carbon steel pipe clamp: inner diameter 11 mm, outer diameter 30 mm, length 35 mm, spray treatment 5. Carbon steel stopper: spray treatment, with rubber pad hex wrench 6. Anti-jumping film: POM material, with 2 M4*25 screws 7. Swing device: POM material, with 2 M4*25 screws, 2 plastic tubes *NOTES:Please make sure your wall is strong enough to hang heave door panel before buying. Tips: 1. The default is 1 meter - 2 meters with the whole root, 2 meters - 5 meters can be used for swallowtail stitching. 2. Generally 2 meters - 2.5 meters have a whole root or splicing to provide choice, the stitching defaults to swallowtail half stitching.

DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Type: Slide
Model Number: S4-XXZ-90

Please note this item may take a few weeks to arrive to your destination. Any questions contact or chat now. 

Color *
I-shape 8FT 2440 mm
T-shape 5FT 1500 mm
I-shape 6FT 1830 mm
I-shape 6.5FT 2000mm
T-shape 8FT 2440 mm
U-shape 5FT 1500 mm
T-shape 6FT 1830 mm
T-shape 6.5FT 2000mm
U-shape 8FT 2440 mm
U-shape 6FT 1830 mm
U-shape 6.5FT 2000mm
I-shape 5FT 1500 mm
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